A. What should I look for in a good stylus? We think the most important feature of any stylus you choose is the quality of the writing tip. The writing tip is the part that comes in direct contact with your touch screen. This is the main purpose of a stylus, to provide the right type of contact with your touch screen to input data (strokes) or commands (taps). Using an instrument that does not have the correct material or shape can lead to touch screen damage such as scratches. It may also degrade input accuracy and character recognition. All PDA Panache styli have screen safe writing tips engineered in accordance with specifications from major touch screen manufacturers.


B. What kind of styli are available? You'll want to decide if you want a stylus upgrade that fits into your PDA's built-in stylus holder, or a more general purpose instrument that you can keep in your pocket, case, or purse, or may offer additional features.

A stylus upgrade retains the convenience of storing in your PDA's stylus holder. It is your primary stylus kept on-board so it's always there when you need it.

PDA Panache custom stylus upgrades are designed just for your specific PDA. Fitted with our screen safe writing tip, our stylus upgrades offer a better grip, feel and look, plus more mass, than the stock stylus supplied with your PDA. They store in your PDA in place of your stock stylus.

We custom make each model to compliment and work with your PDA. They often include our "nail" head top cap for easy insertion and extraction from the stylus holder.

One of the most appreciated features of our stylus upgrades is their extra mass. Mass contributes to a better feeling stylus by helping it hug the surface. It glides smoothly through areas of varying resistance, resist chatter and skipping. Additional momentum provides better flow for your writing, and can improve character recognition. Extra mass results in a strong, rigid instrument. Its stiffness permits minute accurate adjustments on your screen.


C. What are PDA Panache stylus tips made from? PDA Panache uses the highest quality, virgin, DuPont?Delrin?brand acetal plastic resin for its stylus tips. Acetal plastic is the material specified for stylus tips by the major manufacturers of touch screens. Some of the desirable properties of Delrin?that make it ideal for stylus tips include its strength, impact and chemical resistance, stability, resistance to creep, and its natural lubricity. Our stylus tips are injection molded from virgin Delrin?resins.

D. Why are your stylus tips bright orange?

PDA Panache introduced the Easy View?orange stylus tip in 1995 with a number of goals in mind. First is the improved visibility and eye-hand coordination it affords the user. This is particularly true in low-light conditions or with backlighting on the screen. Better visibility leads to better accuracy. It's that simple. Our Easy View?tip also offers added protection when fitted into our multifunction stylus/pen combo instruments. With Easy View?you'll always know you have the correct tip exposed for use on your screen. A third benefit of our Easy View?is easier detection of contamination. It will be easier to see if a foreign particle becomes embedded in your tip.

Most of our customers rave about the advantages of our Easy View?writing tip, and it comes standard on all products. You may request a traditional black writing tip, if you prefer, as a no-cost option available on most of our stylus products.

E. Can a PDA Panache stylus scratch my screen?No, a clean stylus, used properly on a clean screen, will not scratch. Screen scratches come from the dust and dirt trapped between your stylus tip and the touch screen. Your best defense against scratches is scrupulous cleanliness with your touch screen and stylus. (See our Care Guide for information on cleaning your stylus and touch screen.)


F. What kind of finish is on the custom styli?Our custom stylus upgrades for your PDA have durable electroplated finishes for years of service and good looks. Our unique Black Chrome finish may develop a patina during long term use, but this will in no way detract from the function of your stylus.


G. What is the reset pin for and how do I use it?Many manufacturers place a small hole in the back side of their PDA that you may insert a paper clip or similar tool into when you need to reboot your PDA. Most PDA Panache stylus upgrades have a convenient reset pin, sized for your device, built-in under the top cap. To use, simply unscrew the stylus top cap and insert the reset pin all the way into your PDA's reset hole. Follow your PDA manufacturer's instructions for hard or soft reset procedures.


A,我们认为任何手写笔高质量的部位是写字的小端。 写字的尖端部分是在直接接触你的触摸屏,这是主要的原因。聊天,输入数据或命令时手写笔不具备正确的材料或形状,可导致触摸屏损坏,如擦伤。它也可降低输入的准确性和命令

B ,你不想使用固定的手写笔的话,就可以选择适合你的掌上电脑的内置位置或完全外置的,可以放在你的口袋,钱包里。您的掌上电脑装上我们的能在屏幕上安全书写的手写笔,书写会感觉抓着和滑动都很好。



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