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School profile

Tiandong Middle School is located at the south foot of Wutong Mountain and by the side of Dapeng Bay, Yantian District. With hills behind and the sea in front, beautiful scenery, and quiet environment, the campus is a very good place for studying. The school was founded as a junior middle school in autumn, 1996. In 1998, it became a vocational high school. With the education pattern adjustment in Yantian District in 2008, the vocational part moved out, and the school returned to a junior middle school. Now, the school is among a Level One School in Guangdong Province and one of Model Schools in Moral Education in Guangdong .

Now, there are 45 classes in 3 grades with almost 2000 students and 168 staffs. Among the teachers, 59 own Senior titles and 52 Intermediate . The school has an area of 40,747 m2, a building area of 25,597 m2, and green area of 14,109 m2. We have complete advanced teaching facilities and equipment.

Our school has been adhering to one teaching idea, “Let every leaf enjoy the sunshine, and each bloom with glory? and one value that “Know elegance and manners and pursue good merits and beautiful things? At the same time, we try to build up a harmonious and diligent school culture , aiming at making our school a branded one featured in moral education in east Shenzhen. Over several years, our school makes a lot of achievements with students and staffs?efforts and diligence. The school is rated as National Advanced Unit in Moral Education Research, Model School for Language Standardization in Guangdong Province, Model School for School-based Training in Guangdong Province, Green School in Guangdong Province, Experimental School for Modern Educational Technology in Guangdong Province, Advanced Education Unit in Shenzhen, Civilization Unit in Shenzhen , Advanced Unit in Yantian District as well as Good School around Citizens in Shenzhen .